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The top Ten signs you know you spend way too much time on the internet.

  • A bed has replaced you computer chair.
  • The following are religion to you: HSR, /., R Vs. B
  • When asked for your address you begin with 192.168.
  • That "Sweet cooling system" you recently installed doubles as a refrigerator.
  • You have woken up more than once with the impression of a keyboard on your forhead.
  • Your alarmclock and cellphone's ringtone are customizes to play the badger song.
  • You have a dual monitor setup because you hate having to decide between Slashdot and usenet.
  • Forget RJ you remember the day google went down.
  • You insist that Internet Explorer is your Operating System and zotob, mydoom and sasser are features.
  • D00|)z Y0u|2 70t411y up \/\/1t d4 l337 sp33|< 4|\|d R 4 ub3r H4x0rz.